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Labor Day for Shut-Ins

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Labor Day weekend was pretty dull. Spent more of it working than I would have liked, but, since we are still spending pretty much all our time in the living room with the dog (who is doing quite well; yesterday she decided she’s well enough to start jumping again – an activity strictly forbidden by the vet), it’s not like I passed up exciting, fun activities in order to work. So, did some work, finished watching last season of The Wire (in preparation for the new season starting this coming weekend), dug through some of my old clothes to try to find pants that fit me (as everything I’ve bought in the past couple years now falls off immediately).

It was kind of fun to be able to fit into various items I bought in the ’96-’98 heyday of Inland Empire thrift shopping. Back when Bargain Fair was doing good enough business and had low enough overhead that they could comfortably maintain three locations (as opposed to their current zero locations). Back when new thrift stores were opening up on Holt. Back when we could spend a solid afternoon every weekend shopping and come home with a stack of gorgeous synthetic dress shirts for a pittance. Good times.

Anyway, I’m basically back down to what I weighed senior year of college. Four more pounds, and I’ll no longer be overweight. Ten more after that, and I’ll be at my goal (and hopefully be able to fit into a couple very nice pairs of slacks I found in my closet).

Other weekend activities were not particularly exciting. I’ve become re-interested in an idea I had for a TV series, so trying to put together a rough outline of the overall arcs before I dive into writing individual scripts. Once I gave in and expressed a willingness to cannibalize every half-developed movie concept I’ve had over the past 5 years or so, it’s been kind of fun to try to come up with a meta-narrative to tie them all into one storyline.

Also, watched Revolver, which I don’t think has an American distributor yet, but has already made it into the home video markets overseas. It’s the new film by Guy Ritchie and is really impressively odd. It’s significantly less visually hyperactive than his first two movies (I never saw Swept Away), which works well for the film’s tone. It’s a fairly somber, symbolic gangster movie with a really impressive dollop of Kabbalah-themed introspection. I was quite impressed, though I can see how many people would be very turned off. But, if the idea of a Kabbalistic gangster movie starring Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, and Andre 3000 appeals to you at all, I’d recommend tracking down a copy.

  • Published: Sep 8th, 2006
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Field Guide to Developers

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Came across this on digg recently:

Field Guide to Developers

This pretty much addresses all my complaints about working at Yahoo. Of course, I always find it depressing to think that there might be companies that treat their developers well, and I’m just not able to find and/or land a job at these places, but sort of nice to know they’re out there somewhere.

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